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Impact Hackers Celebrates CATA's $2 Million Award from MacKenzie Scott's Yield Giving

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In an extraordinary testament to the power of art and community, Community Access to the Arts (CATA) has been honored with a remarkable $2 million award from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott’s Yield Giving. This recognition not only shines a light on CATA’s incredible work with individuals with disabilities but also underscores the value of nurturing creativity and inclusion.

A Commitment to Art and Accessibility

Founded in 1993 by Sandra Newman, CATA has dedicated itself to providing people with disabilities unparalleled access to participate in the visual and performing arts. Through varied art programs and workshops, CATA has fostered an environment where art transcends physical and mental barriers, embodying the very essence of inclusivity and empowerment.

Recognizing Excellence: Yield Giving’s Nationwide Campaign

MacKenzie Scott’s Yield Giving recently announced a generous donation spree, totaling $640 million to hundreds of nonprofits across the nation. Amidst a competitive pool of over 6,300 applicants, CATA stood out as a beacon of exemplary service and vision, initially applying for a $1 million award and receiving double the amount in recognition of their outstanding application.

The “CATA FOR ALL” Vision

The awarded funds are earmarked for the “CATA FOR ALL” capital campaign, aimed at expanding CATA’s reach and impact. This initiative seeks to embrace more individuals into CATA’s fold, focusing on those with the fewest financial resources and children with special needs who deserve access to art’s transformative power.

A Future of Growth and Giving

As CATA prepares to unveil their plans for utilizing the awarded funds, the organization remains committed to its mission of art accessibility for all. Executive Margaret Keller emphasized the unmet needs within the community, especially among the most financially disadvantaged and young individuals with special needs. CATA’s journey ahead promises to be one of innovation, expansion, and deepened impact.

Yielding Control to Add Value

MacKenzie Scott’s philanthropic strategy, as embodied by Yield Giving, champions the concept of adding value by relinquishing control. This philosophy has guided the distribution of over $17.3 billion to more than 2,300 non-profit teams. Scott’s commitment to helping nonprofits like CATA achieve their visions without strings attached is a testament to her belief in their intrinsic value and potential.

A Beacon of Hope and Creativity

CATA’s recognition by Yield Giving is not just a milestone for the organization but a beacon of hope and inspiration for nonprofits everywhere. It reaffirms the importance of art in enriching lives and communities, particularly for those with disabilities. Impact Hackers proudly congratulates CATA on this well-deserved award and looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of their vital programs.

As we celebrate CATA’s achievement, we’re reminded of the power of community, art, and generosity in creating a more inclusive and vibrant world. Congratulations to CATA, and here’s to a future where art remains accessible to all, breaking barriers and uplifting spirits.


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