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Blackshires 2nd Leadership Program Launches

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  • 4 months ago
  • Impact Hackers

Impact Hackers is thrilled to spotlight the Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation as it launches the second year of its transformative Leadership Accelerator Program. This initiative is a beacon of hope and a powerhouse of skill-building and networking for the BIPOC community in the Berkshire area, reinforcing the pillars of community, empowerment, and leadership.

A Vision of Empowerment and Economic Ecosystems
At its core, the Blackshires Leadership Accelerator Program is more than just a series of workshops; it’s a movement towards building a strong economic ecosystem within the Berkshire community. Guided by the insightful leadership of Dubois Thomas, the program crafts a nurturing environment for emerging BIPOC leaders, equipping them with the necessary skills, resources, and network to amplify their impact.

A Collaborative Force for Change
Funded through a generous $100,000 Urban Agenda Grant and supported by leading organizations such as the Hughes Foundation, 1Berkshire Strategic Alliance Foundation, Berkshire Bank, and the Crane Foundation, the program epitomizes the power of collaboration. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when resources are pooled together for a cause that matters.

Building Bridges and Fostering Healing
What sets the Blackshires Leadership Accelerator Program apart is its holistic approach to leadership and community empowerment. As articulated by Vice President Ari Zorn, the program not only focuses on imparting technical skills but also emphasizes healing and connection. It creates a space for BIPOC individuals to share stories, find solace in shared experiences, and realize they are not alone in their journey.

Catalyzing Sustainable Leadership
The initiative understands the critical need for intentional networking and creating a supportive ecosystem for BIPOC community members. By doing so, it aims to bridge the disproportionate gap in opportunities and establish a pipeline for new and emerging leadership that ensures community sustainability.

Impact Hackers’ Salute to a Future Shaped by Leadership
As Blackshires embarks on the second year of this remarkable program, Impact Hackers stands in solidarity with their mission. We celebrate the foundation’s unwavering commitment to empowering the BIPOC community, fostering economic growth, and nurturing future leaders.

We recognize the significant strides made towards creating an inclusive and supportive environment that not only addresses the immediate needs of the community but also lays down the groundwork for long-lasting change. The Leadership Accelerator Program is a shining example of how strategic partnerships and a focused value proposition can uplift and transform communities.

Here’s to the continued success of the Blackshires Leadership Accelerator Program and its vital role in shaping a future where leadership is diverse, inclusive, and empowering. Congratulations to all involved in this visionary endeavor, and may this be yet another step towards building a stronger, more equitable community.


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